Ton Annual Milk Powder Production Capacity
Ton Annual Whey Powder Production Capacity
Ton Annual Full Fat Cream Production Capacity
Ton Annual Ghee Production Capacity
In the Most Hygienic Conditions,
Natural and Additive-Free Production
As a brand that values human health and focuses on customer satisfaction by producing natural and reliable products, we always continue on our way with our product family.

Mirel Mirel Süt's Natural Products A Healthy Future

We maintain the same quality in every package by carrying out a hygienic production process with our natural products, always without additives and using the latest technology in the industry.
Our Success Comes From Our Always Ongoing Quality
Our quality
Beyond Borders
As Mirel Süt, We Carried Our Taste Journey and Expertise Beyond Borders

of your products The Most Delicious Partner

We have the largest production capacity facility in Turkey for Milk Powder products, with 3 spraying and drying towers under the same roof.